Software/Hardware Picks

Niche software (mostly with a little hardware thrown in): it's SO much more fun and it's usually FAR better than the standard fare. I'm always telling clients and friends about a favorite 'toy' so here a list of things I've found.... Enjoy!

I have no financial interest in ANY of these products in ANY way!

Dymo Labelmaker - If you don't have one of these super machines, you just don't know what you're missing. It makes life bearable when you need just one single label for that small box or the 9x12" mailer. It's fast, efficient, and although just a bit more expensive than doing it by hand, you'll find it'll make you remarkably productive. Check out their new Dymo Stamps option: with the Turbo model, you can stamp and address SO easily.

Book Collector - Reading is a passion but keeping track of books in a half-dozen rooms, trying to remember bits and pieces from chapters that will surely be used in some later research paper, and never knowing which edition is which are all chores that can be minimized with this inexpensive program. Heck, you can even produce web pages for yourself to browse. it's a lifesaver - and now can travel on your PocketPC so you don't buy that third copy of "The Sorrows of Young Werther".

Do you use Powerpoint? If so, check Ovation - This program is ALMOST ready for prime time. Sadly, it doesn't quite give the tight control that I require for my PowerPoint presentations but it does add a considerable amount of 'sizzle' to the slides. Use the trial and see if it's something you can use. There are a bunch of 'toys' that you might also like at Crystal Graphics. Spend the money and get them all at once: it's a LOT cheaper in the long run....

Powermarks has got to be the absolute BEST bookmark manager in existence. I have 7,824 bookmarks as of this writing and I can locate the site I'm looking for in under a second. It's just amazing. I use it in a slightly modified way (moving the columns around) and boy, does this thing just fly. SO easy! Check it out if you want to bring some order to your web bookmarks.

More to follow....