The World and Ed King

There are LOTS of guys named Ed King in the world - and you've found one! Now I'm not too sure about that 'six degrees of separation' theory, but it does seems as if a lot of the Ed Kings are connected to me through one common point or another. Talk about spooky....

Perhaps you came here looking for the fellow who plays guitar and was with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Strawberry Alarm Clock? Well, that's not me - but you might want to try here. He had a beard when he was young and looks like he's given it up as he's gotten older. I did just the reverse.

Is it possible you were looking for the former Governor of Massachusetts? Not me: I went to New Hampshire just before he was elected - and folks called me "Governor" up there.

Maybe you were looking for someone related to author Stephen King. Sorry again! He has no brother named Ed. Stephen and I do live in the same town however and one day as I pulled away from a local restaurant with my Chinese take-out, almost ran him over as he drove behind me on his motorcycle. And if you're looking for his site, it's got his name in it - not mine. See

What about that scenic photographer, Ed King? He's actually from Pennsylvania but he's done some incredible photography of the national park about a half-hour from our house. See his website here.

Ed King, the diver in New England? Naw: he's in New Hampshire (where I used to live)! And I was in the Navy: does that water connection count for a similarity? You can find his website over here.

There's a political science professor at Berkeley. Connection? Hey, I majored in poli sci in college.

Maybe you want the retired special educations teacher? He's at this site and up in Windsor, Canada. He's got an opinion on ethics courses on the web and I belong to a couple of organizations where ethics are pretty important.

Former national chess champion? No, not me - and my son since he was about five years old could easily beat me in under two moves. <sigh> I have played chess sometimes though and thus yet another connection. Or what about the Blogger from the West End News? I've got a Blog too and we're both in the same state. Will these similarities never end?

The Secret SquirrelWhat about the Methodist Minister who graduated from Boston University School of Theology was seriously injured in an auto "accident" in 1963 while actively involved in the Civil Rights movement? No relation but the connections there are pretty numerous: I too attended BU (albeit not the School of Theology) and I knew the Chancellor of BU who also a Methodist Minister. I later went to the South after meeting someone at a Methodist Youth camp and getting involved in the Civil Rights movement.

Whee - isn't this fun? These are just a few of the Ed Kings around. I know there are far more than that in the world. Heck, my local phone book lists a half dozen. Then again, maybe I'm actually living parallel lives: who knows?

But to the real question: who IS this Ed King?

I'm still trying to figure that out!

Oh, wait! Maybe you just came here to look for my blog. If so, you'll want to head over here.

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